Last Sunday, concert in memory of Pavarotti at Teatro Bonci in Cesena. Among the presents there was the great bass Michele Pertusi of Parma with a charming patroness: the soprano Raffaella Battistini who has been brought out from Pavarotti himself in the fabulous world of opera. At the soirée among the others there were the tenor Giorgio Casciarri and the baritone Marzio Giossi. Raffaella Battistini, who performed a few days before in Parma at the Portici del Grano, during the show "Angoli Musicali", is graduated in Economics. Her biography smells like a romance: a secure job in a bank, an important role in the marketing division, and love for singing. That's true: as a family they all love opera. In fact her father is a manager of the Teatro Bonci (Bonci Theatre) in Cesena and Raffaella grew up listening to music since she was a baby. But one day she decided to leave her secure job behind and make her dream come true, devoting her life to opera. Obviously her family has supported her through this difficult decision. She begins to study with the soprano Maria Parazzini until the day she was introduced at Pavarotti's home, thanks to the friendship between her father and the famous tenor. That day she has sang for Pavarotti: a little bit Liù (Turandot) and a bit of Desdemona (Otello). The verdict? "Ciccia", (which stands for an Italian idiom used from the tenor, meaning "pretty little fatty girl" which, of course was not offensive because of Raffaella's slender silhouette), the tenor said, you have got a lovely voice and even something "more": you sing with your heart. You are able to convey feelings touching the soul". Since then her dream came true. Raffaella debuts in Modena with La Bohème directed by Pavarotti and conducted by Leone Magiera and after that she performs the role of Tosca with "Big" Luciano who sings his latest Cavaradossi for the Met in Pesaro. Since then Raffaella performs the "Pagliacci" and "Turandot" in Catania, then "Aida", "Trovatore" and "La traviata". In Cairo (Egypt) she makes her debut with "Aida" followed by "La traviata" at Teatro Regio in Turin in March 2007. On the 20th of October 2007 she performs in New York at the gala evening on behalf of Barilla's new plant opening in US. That event has not passed unnoticed and Met's managers invite her for an audition in December.
Gazzetta di Parma 30/10/2007 – E.F.

Last Tuesday, under Mu-Vi big central dome in Modena, Raffaella Battistini, promising soprano of Cesena, has performed Mimì, Giacomo Puccini's masterpiece. Sitting at the restaurant's table overlooking the stalls, there was "Big" Luciano applauding her (...) Among the cast Tiziano Barbafiera and Raffaella Battistini, who has performed Mimì combining uncommon dramatic and delicate accents. An audience of 1500 people (among which seventy fellow citizens) has acclaimed her especially during the third act, when Raffaella has turned herself into a fragile Mimì with the strength of a consummate actress. The famous tenor, who was wearing a white Panama hat, has expressed his appreciation to Raffaella for the touching performance. He has been also glad for having chosen her for that particular role. Raffaella has also been appreciated by the conductor M° Leone Magiera, the great pianist who assists Pavarotti all along. We expect to hear about Raffaella in the future, in fact she is going to be "Colombina" in July at Teatro Bellini in Catania.

(.) soprano Raffaella Battistini who has enchanted an affectionate audience with her clear and fascinating voice and her mermaid appearance. With her strong impact figure along with her grace and charme, Raffaella, only just thirty years old, seems to be intended to a brilliant future (.)